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Contour Mouse
Contour Mouse Contour Mouse Contour Mouse Contour Mouse
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The time-tested Contour mouse (formerly the Perfit mouse) features six different sizes to fit every hand. The shape helps support your hand in a relaxed position, and encourages working practices that are thought to be beneficial.


  • Find your perfect size with six options - four for the right hand and two for the left.
  • Hand-supporting shape fits your palm like a shoe arch and provides natural resting spots for your fingers and thumb.
  • Relatively large size helps you mouse mostly with your whole arm rather than with small movements of your hand.
  • Design makes it easy to change grips during work, from the relaxed normal grip to the more precise grip for detail tasks.
  • 17 degree horizontal angle balances flat and vertical designs, putting your wrist in a more natural position while still allowing your fingers to benefit from gravity when clicking.
  • Button design encourages clicking from the largest knuckle joint instead of with the weaker fingertips. This takes a tiny amount of stress away from one of the most repetitive tasks in computing.
  • Comfort coating for a nice feel while working.
  • Free driver software allows you to re-map all button functions for maximum productivity.


  • Excessive scrolling with the thumb can be harmful. The Contour Mouse is probably not a good choice if you typically do a large amount of scrolling in your daily work.
  • Unlike many ergonomic mice, the Contour is designed to be used slightly above elbow height. If you have a keyboard tray below elbow height, you should probably choose another mouse or install an elevated mouse platform for the Contour.
  • A bug in the Contour driver software can cause the mouse to be de-recognized when the computer returns from hibernate mode. This bug doesn't occur unless the custom Contour driver software is installed.

How To Find Your Size

Measure your hand from the tip of your middle finger to the first crease between your palm and wrist. Compare that measurement to the chart below to find your size.

Measurement Size Right Hand Left Hand
8.25" (21 cm) or above XL x  
7.5" - 8.25" (19-21 cm) L x x
6.75" - 7.5" (17-19 cm) M x x
Under 6.75" (17 cm) S x  
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