Kinesis Freestyle Keyboard Review

Kinesis Freestyle Solo keyboard

If you’re the kind of user that can’t quite settle on a keyboard position, read on – because you will never find a keyboard more configurable than the Kinesis Freestyle.

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Aerobic Mouse Review (AirO2bic mouse)

Quill mouse (AirObic mouse)

The Aerobic mouse improves the standard vertical mouse design by eliminating any need to grip the mouse. Combined with the recommended clickless mousing software, it is promoted as a “virtually hands-free mousing system.” Read on for my hands-on review.

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Handshoe Mouse Review

Handshoe mouse

The Hippus Handshoe mouse isn’t just big, it’s huge. It looks like a mouse that got melted onto a plastic dinner plate during a fire. Seriously, this thing dwarfs even my large Contour Mouse, and makes ordinary mice look like little bugs. Once you get over the shock of its size and start using the […]

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Kinesis Advantage Keyboard Review

A radical departure from “normal” keyboard designs, the Kinesis Advantage is not generally the first stop on one’s ergonomic journey.  That’s okay, because more moderate designs can work with great effect.  If, however, other measures have failed, this may be a step you want to consider taking.  Read on for my take after having used […]

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Evoluent Vertical Mouse Review

In my opinion, the Evoluent vertical mouse is probably what the standard “mouse” should look like, because it offers a high degree of ergonomic benefit and yet remains easy to use without special training. The Evoluent design simply takes an ordinary five-button scroll mouse and turns it on its side, untwisting the user’s wrist from […]

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Contour Design Perfit Mouse Review

Right up front, you should be aware that the Contour Design Perfit Mouse has been my main pointing device for a number of happy years. No one knows better than me, however, that what is golden for one individual may be garbage for another. Consequently, I have made an effort to balance the many reasons why I […]

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