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Newtral2 Mouse Review

The Newtral2 ergonomic mouse is, in a sense, several mice in one. Though it has no moving parts for adjustment, this mouse comes with a number of magnetic interchangeable pieces that give it different shapes and features. It’s an innovative design, relatively affordable, and overall worth checking out.

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Mycestro Gesture Mouse Review

Some time ago, I reviewed a meteoric gesture device called the Ion Wireless Air Mouse. I found it an interesting toy, but inaccurate and hard to use for real work. While the Ion appears to have gone away for good, there’s a new kid on the block of gesture-based pointing devices. It’s called the Mycestro. […]

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Penclic Desktop Review – Mouse, Keyboard, And NiceTouch

If you spend much time following ergonomics on Twitter (what, you don’t?) it’s hard to miss the presence of Penclic. This European manufacturer makes, and heavily promotes, a mouse that looks like a pen stuck to its inkwell. As you may recall, I’ve reviewed that mouse before. There’s a new version now, which purports to […]

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Palm Rests, Arm Supports, And The RollerMouse Red

Getting a new computer peripheral is kind of like getting married. Between here and happily-ever-after, you find yourself buying all kinds of accessories you never thought of before you made the commitment. Such is the case, to some degree, with the Contour RollerMouse Red. To be sure, it works fine with just the standard palm […]

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Rockstick2 Ergonomic Mouse Review

In 2013, it was my pleasure to review the Rockstick Mouse, a click-free ergonomic mouse that resembles a joystick, but has trouble hitting much of anything with precision. Evidently, Rockstick mouse developer Jianbo Deng wasn’t too unhappy with my write-up of his product, as he volunteered to send me a review sample of its second […]

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Microsoft Sculpt Ergo Keyboard And Mouse Review

When most people say “ergonomic keyboard,” what they’re envisioning is a Microsoft-style curved model such as the popular Natural 4000. As discussed elsewhere, the Natural 4000 has significant shortcomings such as its size and key action. Because of these I have long hoped that Microsoft would introduce a more worthy successor to the world’s most […]

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Oyster Mouse Review

Adjustable ergonomic mice are rare. Even Goldtouch – whose motto is “If it isn’t adjustable, it isn’t ergonomic” – puts their logo on a mouse that is in no way adjustable. At best, ergo mice sometimes come in different sizes. Contour, which offers its eponymous rodent in more sizes than some tee shirts, is the […]

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Footmouse Review

If you’re one of those users who’s tried every possible size and shape of mouse to no avail, perhaps you’ve dreamed of a way to use the computer that doesn’t involve your hands at all. Head tracking, perhaps? Voice control? While these technologies show promise, there’s an even simpler, purely mechanical way to accomplish the […]

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The New Wireless DXT Mouse: A Review

In the months since I reviewed the original DXT mouse, it has replaced the Contour as my full-time pointing device. So, when the long-awaited DXT2 appeared with its wireless version, I was excited to try it out. I’m not going to re-hash the core benefits of the DXT in this article, so if you need […]

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Penclic Mouse Review

Perhaps you’ve heard of Penclic, the pen-mouse “hybrid” out of Scandinavia. I recently obtained a sample of this smart and stylish device. It’s a cute idea. I don’t consider it terribly beneficial compared to any other ergonomic mouse alternative, but it at least beats a laptop touchpad for portable use.

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