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Kinesis Freestyle Keyboard Review

Kinesis Freestyle Solo keyboard

If you’re the kind of user that can’t quite settle on a keyboard position, read on – because you will never find a keyboard more configurable than the Kinesis Freestyle.

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Handshoe Mouse Review

Handshoe mouse

The Hippus Handshoe mouse isn’t just big, it’s huge. It looks like a mouse that got melted onto a plastic dinner plate during a fire. Seriously, this thing dwarfs even my large Contour Mouse, and makes ordinary mice look like little bugs. Once you get over the shock of its size and start using the […]

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Evoluent Vertical Mouse Review

In my opinion, the Evoluent vertical mouse is probably what the standard “mouse” should look like, because it offers a high degree of ergonomic benefit and yet remains easy to use without special training. The Evoluent design simply takes an ordinary five-button scroll mouse and turns it on its side, untwisting the user’s wrist from […]

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