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How to Clean a Contour RollerMouse Free

A blog commenter recently asked how to clean a RollerMouse Free, so I reached out to Contour Design for some guidance. A tech support guy from there sent me some clear and helpful instructions, which he also kindly permitted to be posted here for future reference. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not open your RollerMouse Free if […]

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Don’t Look at it – Tapit: An Interview with Inventor Rubi Mazaki Tsaig

What if you could use your smartphone for basic tasks without looking at it? That’s the question Rubi Mazaki Tsaig asked two years ago. The answer developed into what is now being Kickstarted as the Tapit keyboard case. The inventor has agreed to answer a few questions on All Things Ergo, so I’ll let him explain […]

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New: The Great Big Guide to Ergonomic Mice

No review today, but I thought I’d let everybody know about a brand-new resource on All Things Ergo. To match our popular Great Big Guide to Ergonomic Keyboards, we’ve published The Great Big Guide to Ergonomic Mice! Trackballs, rollers, and alternative devices are also covered. It’s pretty extensive, so grab two cups of coffee and check it out.

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Ten Easy Steps To Lifelong RSI

Do you dream of a lifetime filled with computer-related discomfort? Are you burdened with extra funds that you long to lavish on deserving medical professionals? Me neither. But many users must feel this way, judging by their workstation setups and habits. To help these folks achieve their goal, I have created an easy ten-step plan […]

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A Keyboard “In10Did” To Change The Way We Type

In10Did Keyboard - Front view

I love to try something new – particularly when that something is a keyboard or mouse. So, when inventor Wayne Rasanen offered me the chance to test his company’s latest prototype, the mobile In10Did keyboard, I took him up on it. The unit I received is sort of a miniaturized cross between the Alphagrip and […]

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Why Dvorak And Colemak Are Not For Me

I’m starting this post after a long day of trying to learn the Colemak keyboard layout. I’m tired. I haven’t gotten much work done. The best speed I clocked after hours of conditioning was sixteen words in a minute – with three errors. Right now I’m relishing the familiar QWERTY patterns as my fingers fly […]

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