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Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard Review

Microsoft Sculpt keyboard spacebar

Microsoft recently announced the latest addition to their lineup of computer hardware: The Sculpt Comfort Keyboard. Thanks to the efficiency of Redmond’s PR team, I had a sample in hand within a few days of requesting it. The Sculpt isn’t exactly a one-keyboard revolution in typing, but it incorporates some solid features into a comfortable […]

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“Truly Ergonomic” Keyboard Review

With a name like “Truly Ergonomic,” this keyboard won’t win any awards for modesty. Neither is it likely to win “Fastest product to market,” with initial production delayed so long that it almost became a byword for vaporware. But this extravagantly-named keyboard just might win an award for, well, ergonomics….

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Goldtouch Go Portable Ergonomic Keyboard Review

While there are many different ergonomic keyboards on the market, hardly any are suited to portable use. Standard curvy models like the MS 4000 are too big to fit in a laptop bag (though that doesn’t keep some people from trying). The Kinesis Freestyle is compact enough, but its multiple pieces make for an awkward […]

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