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Goldtouch Mouse Review

Goldtouch mouse - Front view

When I review an ergonomic input device, I’m often eager to finish with it so I can get back to my usual setup. I’ve spent years – literally, years – getting my workstation just the way I want it with the devices that work best for me. So, I was quite surprised to find myself […]

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Why Dvorak And Colemak Are Not For Me

I’m starting this post after a long day of trying to learn the Colemak keyboard layout. I’m tired. I haven’t gotten much work done. The best speed I clocked after hours of conditioning was sixteen words in a minute – with three errors. Right now I’m relishing the familiar QWERTY patterns as my fingers fly […]

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Goldtouch Keyboard Review

Goldtouch keyboard - Top view, adjusting lever

The Goldtouch keyboard has, in some form, been a standby of ergonomic arsenals for almost twenty years. Its flagship feature is infinite adjustability to match the needs of individual users. There’s no separation between the halves, but you can do splay, tenting, and just about anything else you like with the Goldtouch.

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