New: The Great Big Guide to Ergonomic Mice

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No review today, but I thought I’d let everybody know about a brand-new resource on All Things Ergo. To match our popular Great Big Guide to Ergonomic Keyboards, we’ve published The Great Big Guide to Ergonomic Mice! Trackballs, rollers, and alternative devices are also covered. It’s pretty extensive, so grab two cups of coffee and check it out.

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Gelepad, The Handiest Ergonomic Thingamabob You’ve Never Heard Of


This isn’t going to be much of a review, because the product under discussion is just too simple and neat to require much explanation. It’s called the Gelepad (say “jelly-pad”), and it’s a handily-sticky, lovably-squishy pad you can use to soften up the pressure points in your life. (And no, before you ask, it will […]

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Matias Ergo Pro Keyboard Review


It’s here. The long-anticipated Matias Ergo Pro, the fulfillment of every ergonomic dream and the highest ideal of all keyboards everywhere. Okay, maybe I exaggerate a bit. Let me just put it this way: as Alan Ladd said in a certain well-known Western, “It’s as good as any, and better than most.”

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Mycestro Gesture Mouse Review


Some time ago, I reviewed a meteoric gesture device called the Ion Wireless Air Mouse. I found it an interesting toy, but inaccurate and hard to use for real work. While the Ion appears to have gone away for good, there’s a new kid on the block of gesture-based pointing devices. It’s called the Mycestro. […]

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Penclic Desktop Review – Mouse, Keyboard, And NiceTouch


If you spend much time following ergonomics on Twitter (what, you don’t?) it’s hard to miss the presence of Penclic. This European manufacturer makes, and heavily promotes, a mouse that looks like a pen stuck to its inkwell. As you may recall, I’ve reviewed that mouse before. There’s a new version now, which purports to […]

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Palm Rests, Arm Supports, And The RollerMouse Red

You can pad the hard aluminum of the RollerMouse with either of these palm rests at no additional cost.

Getting a new computer peripheral is kind of like getting married. Between here and happily-ever-after, you find yourself buying all kinds of accessories you never thought of before you made the commitment. Such is the case, to some degree, with the Contour RollerMouse Red. To be sure, it works fine with just the standard palm […]

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Matias Mini Quiet Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review

The Matias Mini Quiet Pro

I’m a fan of mechanical keyboards – but a frustrated fan, because to date I have not found one in an ergonomic shape I can use. That’s why I’m excited about Matias, the Canadian keyboard maker that will soon be releasing its sure-to-be-amazing Ergo Pro. Alas, when I contacted the company, I was told that […]

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Using Dragon For Ergonomics: Top Tips

This isn't me; it's a Nuance stock picture meant to scare you into buying Dragon. Are you scared yet?

Some time ago, I reviewed Dragon NaturallySpeaking on this blog. Though I liked it, I didn’t use it regularly until I was pretty much forced to do so by an increase in typing discomfort – that and an ever-growing volume of work email, which ironically has a lot to do with maintaining this ergonomic site. […]

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Rockstick2 Ergonomic Mouse Review


In 2013, it was my pleasure to review the Rockstick Mouse, a click-free ergonomic mouse that resembles a joystick, but has trouble hitting much of anything with precision. Evidently, Rockstick mouse developer Jianbo Deng wasn’t too unhappy with my write-up of his product, as he volunteered to send me a review sample of its second […]

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Oyster Ergonomic Keyboard Review

Shown here with its optional numeric keypad placed in the middle, the Oyster keyboard has three different tilt levels available.

If you liked the Oyster mouse, you may be glad to hear that there is now an ergonomic keyboard available under the same brand. Resembling the Kinesis Freestyle in shape and functionality, the Oyster adds a few innovations of its own – and a very attractive price point.

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