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All Things Ergo is part of J6 Enterprises, LLC, a family-owned business in Bolivar, Missouri. It was created from the passion of one of our partners to help users find the right ergonomic solutions for their needs. This partner, Jason McIntire, has a long personal history with ergonomics.

Jason and ErgonomicInfo.com

Jason bought his first ergonomic mouse in 2007, attempting to address his own hand pain issues from guitar playing and a very poorly-configured workstation. It was a Contour Mouse, then called the Perfit. Putting this together with his first ergonomic keyboard, an ancient Microsoft Natural Elite, he naively supposed that he had the perfect ergonomic workstation. Experience proved otherwise over the next few years, as Jason repeatedly changed around his workstation and chair, tweaked the height of his desk and monitor, and bought large numbers of ergonomic computer peripherals - only to return most of them.

Reaching his first really workable arrangement in 2011, Jason wanted to somehow make use of his accumulated knowledge and experience. He started the Ergonomic Info blog in May of that year, intending to write a few reviews and recoup his time with affiliate links. This blog quickly outgrew his expectations, generating large amounts of traffic and highly favorable feedback from readers.

From Blogging to Full Service

In 2012, we decided to pull the affiliate links and open a small storefront attached to the blog. Over the next year it became apparent that this store - built with a shaky system on Wordpress - was not adequate. We knew we needed to upgrade the store, and wanted to expand it at the same time with a more complete ergonomic product offering. With the site evolving like this, a name change was in order, so we dubbed it All Things Ergo.

Jason continues to maintain the blog. The domain name is different, but the philosophy is the same: Provide as much information as possible to help users find the right ergonomic solutions. From day one, Jason has always prominently disclosed the source and ultimate destination of the review samples he uses. In every area of business, we like to keep things honest and up-front, to prevent unpleasant surprises later. Some of Jason's less-subjective "points against" are even included in the store product descriptions.

We are about one thing: You

Among ourselves, we often joke that J6 Enterprises is a customer service company that happens to be in several different businesses. This is really quite true. No matter what fields we've worked in through the years, one guiding principle has stayed the same: Take care of the customer first, last, and always. We apply this philosophy heavily to the ergonomic business, where information and service are just as important as physical products. This is about more than our objective assessments in product listings and 30-day money-back guarantee. It's about individual attention to you. You're the reason we're in business, and taking care of you is how we stay that way.

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